Welcome to the story…

I love stories and writing, and the beauty of words as they grace pages. I crave those sentences that open your eyes to new things; to step into an authors imagination that takes you to another world is the success of great fiction. I love to explore creative snapshots into writers lives because I am a huge fan of books.

I devour books; I love to read. For me, it has always been an escape into another reality, another life with new characters, twists, turns and plots. I read a book and I go on a journey of emotion, of feelings and of thought.

It is this that leads me here, writing these words. Because I have stories. Lots of stories and one big overarching story that is written in lots of books already. For now, I can only seem to capture it in snapshots, but when I have that inspiration which will allow my words to convey the true story I want it to be read, here. On this blog.

My stories are tales of old that have become new narratives of the now. Each post on this blog is to be, by Gods grace, a chapter of a great love story. A story that is still unfolding and will keep unfolding each day as the manna of the mystery of God is my food, and from that I shall eat and write anew. These thoughts will, I pray, make readers wonder at the wonder of who they are, who they were created to be and be free from all the chains that hold them back from living true, to their true identity.

I am here writing, because I am not good at keeping exciting secrets. This is because I want to share all the excitement. I want to see happy faces when I tell that exciting story, I want to laugh with people as they get excited too and I want to share the wistful looks, the thoughts of contemplation, the outstanding reality and the imaginations of each tale, all the time.

I think I have exciting stories. That’s not conceited or egotistical. I’ll tell you why its exciting, it’s because my story is extraordinary. It’s extraordinary because the creator who made me, God, has taken me, freed me, redeemed me and revealed to me who I really am in him and it’s all by his grace.

God loves me so much that as a jeweller stamps their hallmark on precious metal, so the creator has stamped his hallmark of grace on his precious creation; me.

What’s more? We are all created by Him, so we are all precious in his sight which means not just I, but all of us have this stamp of grace on our lives and he calls us his own.

This is a story that is worth a blog.


George X


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