My name is Georgina but too many I am ‘George’.

I am 24 years old. Although, you should know, that just the other day someone said I looked 16. They were nearing 90 and so their sight may have been questionable but still, I didn’t look 16 when I actually was, so I’m all over that compliment.

I was raised in the green and hilly land of Wales, but my husband and I currently reside in Hertfordshire, on the border of North West London.

I am a Welshie at heart which means I miss the accent, the people, the seaside and the various “‘iya love,” “Where you too?”, “I’ll be there now in the minute” and the fact that everyone in their right welsh mind knows what “cwtch” means. Oh and the free prescriptions and amazingly cheap house prices.

I don’t miss the rain though. Wales, you don’t help yourself, too often I’ve finally got this Londoner husband of mine to enter your borders, pay to cross that Severn Bridge and you’ve greeted us with torrential rain. There is only so much sticking up for you I can do…

I love to write.

I am super blessed in that I get to assist at a lovely friends homeschool with her little sweeties and experience all the wonder and joy that 3 & 5 year olds give you – without actually having them…

I love to do all things Hair & Make – up.

Oh, and I run ‘Joyaux’; a Jewellery business which Nick & I are very blessed to be able to grow and manage.

Just a few wonderful things then.

I am also married to this big, tall, hairy faced, blonde, a little bit dutch, Jesus loving, charm chatting, visionary, dream catching hot guy known as Nick.

(He’s gonna’ love that description, ego alert!)


Hallmarks of Grace is a heart thing. I was in a toilet in an Italian restaurant ( I am the most glam) just off Oxford Circus when the phrase ran through my mind. It has been a season of long chats with lovely friends who have encouraged me and helped me build my faith and life around Him whom I am most passionate about: Jesus. So, for a while I have been writing the odd little thing, trying to take heart things and give them words, and now here I am doing more of that, in one place.

What’s this all about? I believe everyday is a grace, it being allowed to us is a grace. All that is good in the world is by grace. I believe that we are all walking in grace just by experiencing the wonder and joy that the world offers us.

The truth that holds this heart together? That Gods “unmerited favour toward man” begets an ever more wondrous story; even more grace awaits.

So, I’m sharing my story of grace with whoever reads this.

Sometimes my story is deep, hearty things that come to the surface and I want to tell the world about them. Sometimes my story is going to the wrong toilets in Wembley and having to work out an escape plan without being seen by smelly boys…I mean, who hasn’t gone through that?

Sometimes my story is pain and endurance through sickness. Sometimes it’s sweet, simple joyous times with the beautiful people I am surrounded by. A lot of the time it is laughter and sadly, this real life has sometimes stories of sorrow.

One thing this blog is not, is a soapbox.

I believe in the One whom was sent to us after Jesus went to heaven; The Holy Spirit. More on that later, but here’s a little something, something…

“If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.” Galations 5:25-26

So no soap boxes here, if it gets that way please let me know in the gentlest, nicest way possible.

The real story is, I want to share how I know God loves me.

I want to share that I know, in the same way that as a jeweller stamps their hallmark on precious metal, that the creator God has stamped his hallmark of grace on his precious creation; me.

Lots of love,

George  X


2 thoughts on “About

  1. George, I love this! I’m so looking forward to hearing more on your blog, you have a lovely way with words and an inspiring love for our Lord. xxx


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